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MERA BETI RUTH SHAFREEN HAMARA SURUAAT (My daughter is our footprint) her birth day on  25th April 2014, we plan to start RUTH FOUNDATION which stands for Rural Urban and Tribal HopeFoundation  and constitutes a private social, educational, religion and charitable trust to create active participation and involvement of the rural people with their sole voluntary socially and optimistically sacrificing spirit of SOCIAL WORKER irrespective of age, sex, rank, race, nationality, religion, caste, creed, etc. We endeavor to create more equal and beneficial social order.


The practical service of RUTH FOUNDATION works for the empowerment of under privilege and needy sections of the society particularly children, women and youth. RUTH FOUNDATION concerns about the health, education, environment, economic, cultural issues of the society.

RUTH FOUNDATION plans to work in rural, urban and tribal community, slum development, etc.


RUTH FOUNDATION plans to provide adequate relief and rehabilitation work during natural calamities such as earthquakes, draught, famines, flood, fire, epidemic, tornado, etc.


RUTH FOUNDATION has been registered following the rules in Government of India under section 1960 and rules 1969 with its registration No. IV-1203-00188 dated 25 April 2017.

Motto of RUTH FOUNDATIONS is to motivate the younger generations, to render selfless service to humanity, to guide and motivate them to be a helping hand to the needy because in our society humility, humanity, love, affection, brotherhood and fraternity is the need of the hour.

Let us look forward to build a good society and world of good hope respect and service. I thanks to all our supporters, advisers, partners, volunteers and members for the kind cooperation and hope. Our journey will be continue towards a worthy destination. Let us hold hands to shape a new era of friendship and fellowship everywhere, every time……..

I also express my gratitude to all its well-wisher and prayer.

Thank you

May the Lord bless all!







RUTH FOUNDATION is a humanitarian development and social relief NGO striving for the upliftment of the poor, downtrodden and under privileged in the society irrespective of caste, creed and religion. It is a secular, a political and nonprofit organization that came into existence with a mission to serve the poorest of the poor by the inspiration derived from the life.

RUTH FOUNDATION is an organization dedicated to provide holistic quality education and health to all underprivileged children, women and Tribal community who have no access for health care and the basic education and also work towards health care awareness and empower the weaker section of this community



To build a community through a preventive and promotional approach which supports women and children that activates force in the society that favour them.



To provide quality education and holistic health to the unreached and empower the weaker section of the society through education and providing them with sustainable livelihood.


Provide quality education and holistic healthcare by helping poorest of poor children and women of the community.




  • To promote health and education finding complete solution to pervasive poverty in the lowest strata of the society.
  • To prepare underprivileged children and youth as ‘change agents’ for their community.
  • To preserve and protect tribal heritage, culture and values.
  • To provide counseling in the field of entrepreneurship development and rural development.
  • To conduct training programmes and undertake projects in the field of Enterprise Promotion, Rural Development through Human Resource Development (HRD) concepts.

Specific Objectives:

  • Immediately shelter, care and protection
  • Protecting child rights
  • Rehabilitating street children
  • Reinstanding children to their families
  • Educating street children and child labours
  • Creating public awareness about social issues
  • Promoting better health condition


CURRENT ACTIVITIES                                                                                                                 

  • FIRST AID Service and health camp
  • Free ambulance service
  • Free tution and vocational training
  • Awareness program health camp, eye camp, blood donation camp organized at regular interval.

Leadership training at village level involving village heads, SHGs and village youth.



RUTH FOUNDATION plan to run free ambulance service Murshidabad and Nadia district of West Bengal the ambulance will donate by Mrs. Sarejan Bibi in memory of her father in law Late Hazi Farman Ali Sk and her husband Late Mowlana Md Sahabuddin Sk.



RUTH FOUNDATION plan to offers Entrepreneurship Development Programs EDPs in various way of achieving something. All the programs are short term duration one to three months. These all are below:


Comprehensive agriculture and horticulture, plant sapling etc.


Fashion design for men and women, candle making, (Gamchha) Towel and Lungi Making, etc.


Beauty parlour management, domestic electrical appliances repair, multi phone servicing, computer basic, DTP, Two wheeler servicing etc.


Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programe (REDP), theProgrammes that support capacity building of rural unemployed people to enable them to set up their own enterprises.




Sponsor a child on their choice scheme will surely spell home in the life of a needy child and will help the child experience life in all its fullness. In this scheme the child will be identified by RUTH FOUNDATION so that the sponsors can help them directly age group of 0-5 years, 6-10 years, 11 to 18 years.


  • Full and half sponsorship (orphan) providing food, shelter, education, etc.
  • Semi sponsorship (single parent, child labours, street children, migrant children) providing food and education etc.



RUTH FOUNDATION enroll member from schools/colleges/universities and from seven members committees. President, Secretary, Treasurer and Four delegates in their respective schools, colleges, Universities for the welfare of the students to get helping hand for their studies and to organize training’s on leadership, language and communication skills.



RUTH FOUNDATION enrolls ‘PARTNERS’ to build a healthy society, and to uplift the needy, downtrodden, and oppressed and orphans of their choice. Those are willing to participate in the scheme can enroll as partners. Partners can choice one or more following schemes of their choices.

  • Health program
  • Education to the oppressed
  • Agro development to poor farmers
  • Orphan rehabilitation and food for all
  • Self-employment for the poor



RUTH FOUNDATION plan to provide free computer training institutes are being run at various background are as like Murshidabad, Nadia, Malda, Birbhum, Burdwan and other part of West Bengal, and India.



RUTH FOUNDATION has been registered with the Government of India under:

  • Indian Trust Act in 2017 (Registration No. IV-1203-00188 dated 25 April 2017)
  • Section 12AA of Indian Income Tax Act 1961 as NGOs
  • Section 80G of Indian Income Tax Act 1961 ( exemption of tax for donations)



RUTH FOUNDATION enroll members from the general public to render service to the society. Any person is eligible to be a member. Membership fee will be collectedRs. 100/-. They can be hold office in the small village/village or zone, Taluk, District, State, National levels.


For more details please contact:

Regd. Office: Juginda, Brindabanpur, Domkal, Murshidabad, West Bengal – 742 406, India.

Mobile: +91 97353 40270, +91 97354 81020, +91 93423 12281

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.ruthfoundationindia.org


South India contact: Bengaluru: +91 93425 48871, +91 96291 25436, Delhi contact: +91 97335 16748

Gujarat, Maharashtra, Daman & Due, D & NH contact: +91 98792 64057

Jharkhand & Odisha contact: +91 99166 47454

Andaman & Nicobar Island Contact: +91 94742 40940